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PROSPER (Prosper I)



In a nation blighted by infertility, the pioneering 'Fertility' medication is stolen. David 'Blue' Azure is the prime suspect. In an attempt to clear his name, Blue kidnaps Jade Lively-Rose - the young, pregnant wife of a pharmaceutical heir, Adrian Lively. 

Only problem, Blue knows Jade. She was once the love of his life. 

Now, on opposite sides of the fence, Blue and Jade must destroy each others lives in order to survive.


But can they?



SEVER (Prosper II)



Betrayed by her husband, and bereft of the web of support she

once hid behind, Jade has no where to turn.


Her illegitimate pregnancy has attracted the attention of the authorities and Prosper, who seem hell-bent on subpoenaing Jade for testing. It isn’t long before she realises that Prosper don’t just want her eggs. They want her silence.


Jade turns to Blue for help, but together they are a greater target than apart.


Betray the one you love for the one you thought you loved, or betray the one you thought you loved for the one you love. Is there a difference when all roads lead to the same place?


Conclusion to the startling debut novel, Prosper, by Lauren Parkes.



"If you like YA fiction and a rollicking plot then this is going to be your cup of tea!"



"Mind-blowing twists and equally some intriguing surprises that made this a book I had to read from cover to cover"



"Couldn't put it down."


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